About Prof Halim Sayoud


Halim is full Professor at the USTHB University, but considering himself a modest researcher, who wishes to establish multimedia links for sharing and receiving comments on his latest research results. Looking for the knowledge anywhere...


Related research topics are listed below:

  • Scientific Discoveries on the Holy Quran
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Text and Data Mining
  • Stylometry
  • Biometrics
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Speech and Signal Processing 
  • Astronomy
  • Ethics in  Scientific Research
  • Origins of Creation
  • Investigation of Religious Books
  • And others...

He is mastering three natural languages:
  • Arabic (native)
  • English (medium)
  • French (professional)

Contact can be made by Email (Prefered) or Phone. See below.

He has been a visiting scientist at the following research institutions:

usthb   irit  Univ of Sunderland Sunderland_Seal
ilsp  liaALJ duquesneDuq seal 
aegean enst WolverhamptonWolv Univ Seal